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I am a lifestyle dominatrix living and playing in NYC. I enjoy many different kinds of scenes from intense sadism to a nurturing role play and everything in between. With over 10 years of experience, taking control and pushing your limits is second nature to Me, however, I also enjoy lighter scenes for the nervous novices looking for a guide into their BDSM experience.

I let my strong intuition guide me in my sessions, which is what allows me to effortlessly crawl into your head and unearth your desires. I enjoy taking my time, never in a rush, and prefer long term domme/sub relationships. Breaking you down and using your desires against you to make you my ideal submissive is what I most enjoy in session. A naturally empathetic person, I use my unique ability to relate to your suffering, humiliation, fetishistic propensities to further gain from your position as my submissive pet. Your infatuations become my tools to control you with.

Having been an active domina for ten years in New York City, I'm not your typical overly ambitious, clumsy girl-next-door ingenue that makes up for a lack of technical experience with enthusiasm. I handle tools of BDSM with respect and would never claim skill that I do not possess. All my scenes come with the safety of a properly trained and regularly practicing domina with a complete understanding of the frailties of the human body. Discretion is important to me. I insure privacy for all my play partners from the average Joe to high profile professionals.

I have an ever expanding well-rounded fetish wardrobe for the worshipful kinksters out there. If you have a wardrobe request I can most likely fulfill it whether its latex, leather, luxury lingerie, corsets, boots or simple pumps, etc.

My beautiful size 8 feet will fit perfectly in your mouth or relaxed on your back. I am a lanky 5’8” in bare feet with an impressive 32 G bust- completely natural- so be respectful and don’t ask.

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